Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Upcoming ELT conferences in Taiwan 2011 and 2012

There will be quite a few ELT conferences this year in Taiwan.

One of the best known is the ETA - ROC International Symposium on Language Teaching which will take place in November. This year's symposium contains a number of "big names", including Stephen Krashen, Rod Ellis, Paul Nation, Ken Hyland and Tim Murphey.

Another conference that looks promising is the 2011 NTUT International Conference on Applied Linguistics, also in November. Michael Hoey and Susan M. Gass will be presenting.

For more information about these two conferences, as well as several others in 2011, go to the list of conferences on the Forumosa website:

ELT Conferences 2011

In addition, take a look at this list of conferences in 2012:

ELT Conferences 2012