Thursday, January 01, 2009

Two clever sites for ESL/EFL teachers

I'd like to recommend a couple of websites for ESL and EFL teachers out there.

The first is Lindsay Clandfield's new Six Things blog:

The idea behind this site is quite simple. Each entry is a list of six items related to a topic. All blog entries are related to the world of English teaching. Recent topics have included "Six drinks for an English teachers New Year's Eve party" and "Six books to look out for in 2009". If you've read any of Clandfield's articles or books, you know this is a blog worth checking out.

The second website is Jamie Keddie's website

This websites contains over 30 clever lesson plans for using video clips in the TEFL classroom. the lessons are well-written and contain teacher's notes and handouts. I am looking forward to using some of these lessons in my classes this year (2009).

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Eric said...

Excellent tips - and thank you for that inspiring review in this month's ETProfessional.