Tuesday, April 27, 2010

odd moments in ELT history

One of the more unusual efforts to promote the learning of EFL appeared in Tainan City, Taiwan about 8 years ago. The city's mayor had the idea that getting the garbage trucks to blare out phrases such as "HOW ARE YOU?" at top volume was a fantastic way to help the Taiwanese develop their English. You can read more about this revolutionary new teaching method here:


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Eoin Higgins said...

Hi Hall

Not a bad idea - at least the English was correct. The Madrid local government here in Spain launched a publicity campaign for their bilingual state school programme where certain subjects are taught thru English with the marvellous slogan "Yes, we want". So cute - like Obama's campaign slogan and all that. Except, of course, that it's incorrect English. When this was pointed out, the designers of the campaign just said that it sounded good! Yeah, to whom? :)